Water, Sewer and Gas

Whether you’re dealing with new construction or failure of existing services, ASP provides residential and commercial gas, sewer and water line services.

I & I Services (Inflow and Infiltration)

ASP follows the City of Duluth guidelines when installing sump pumps, disconnecting footing drains and removal of house traps. If you’ve received a Notice of Correction form from the City we’ll work with your Water Quality Specialist to make sure your project is done quickly, efficiently and within budget.

Lateral Line Replacement

The lateral lines that connect most Duluth homes to the City sewer system are typically quite old. Because of their age as well as the extreme weather conditions these lines have been exposed to over the years it’s not uncommon for these lines to fail. Tree roots and geological factors can also contribute to the failure or collapse of lateral lines, causing inflow of clear groundwater into the sanitary system, or even causing raw sewage leaks.

ASP can help determine if your lateral line needs repairing or replacing. We have the capability of thawing ground, excavating, repairing or replacing the affected pipe and getting things flowing once again.

Gas lines

Call ASP to add or repair gas lines, hook up your new gas appliances or to convert your systems over to gas.

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